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Evelyn Gius

Evelyn Gius is Professor of Digital Philology and Modern German Literary Studies, and Director of the fortext lab. She has been working in the field of Digital Humanities for about 15 years. Her research interests lie mainly in the field of Computational Literary Studies and include in particular (computational) narratology, manual annotation, questions of operationalisation and conflicts in literature and literary studies. (Personal Homepage)

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Mari Akazawa

Mari Akazawa works as an editorial assistant in the fortext lab. She started supporting as a student assistant in 2021. She discovered her passion for Computational Linguistics while studying International Communication and Translation at Stiftung Universität Hildesheim. In addition to her work in the lab, she is currently studying “Linguistic and Literary Computing” at the TU Darmstadt.

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Dominik Gerstorfer

Dominik Gerstorfer is a research associate at the fortext lab, where he mainly deals with questions of methodology, philosophy of science and theory development. He coordinates the forTEXT portal and works in the KatKit project on category theory and operationalisation of humanities concepts in the Digital Humanities. His academic background is philosophy with a focus on the philosophy of science.

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Svenja Guhr

Svenja Guhr is a research associate at the fortext lab and has an academic background in German literature, Romance linguistics, and Digital Humanities. As a computational literary studies scholar, her PhD project focuses on the operationalisation and analysis of sound and loudness as narratological phenomena in German-language literary prose of the 19th and early 20th century.

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Julian Häußler

Julian Häußler is a research associate at the fortext lab and works in the area of method development in Computational Literary Studies. Previously, he completed a Master’s degree in “Linguistic and Literary Computing” at the TU Darmstadt. A current project deals with the operationalization and measurement of conflicts in literary texts.

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Malte Meister

Malte is a technical associate and research software developer at the fortext lab. His primary responsibility is the maintenance and ongoing development of the CATMA web application. He holds a degree in Information Systems Engineering and has many years of experience working in the private sector.

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Haimo Stiemer

Haimo Stiemer is a research associate at the fortext lab, where he supervises the EvENT project (Evaluating Events in Narrative Theory). In addition to computational narratology and digital literary studies, his research interests include the sociology of literature (especially Bourdieu’s field theory), literary and cultural theory, modernist literature with a special focus on the German-language literatures of Eastern and Central Europe, and journal research.

Student Assistants

  • Tobias Husman
  • Zoé Jitaruc
  • Alina Klein
  • Janis von Keitz
  • Michael Weiland


  • Mark Finlayson (Prof. of Computer Science, FIU Miami, 04/2023)
  • Irakli Khvedelize (Postdoc Literary Studies, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, 06-11/2021)

Former Members